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A polytope is a geometrical solid of many dimensions used to optimize conditions for maximum results. So, when a person is polytoping, he is juggling the many variables of life in order to optimize results. With a greater level of conciousness a person is aware of more variables, has a more complex polytope, and can better optimize life.
He puzzled over his life, polytoping as best he could.
by Gregory V. Richardson March 22, 2004
Characterized by having trouble remembering names.
He was so nomnestic that he couldn't remember the names of his siblings without stopping to think.
by Gregory V. Richardson January 02, 2004
This word literally means spirit-body-electrical-loosening, which is to say, electrocution wherein the body and soul are seperated electrically.
After being convicted of the murders, the jury sentenced him to pneumocorporealelectrolysis.
by Gregory V. Richardson December 03, 2003
This is a person who either consciously or unconsciously constricts the spiritual development of others due to treating others and oneself as a mere pile of atoms (see poa). This is a double pun as both a play on the phrase "boa constrictor" and the more subtle pun that such a snake inhibits breathing of the victim. Breath is known in Greek as "pneuma" and is synonymous with "spirit".
She showed herself to be a poa constrictor when she never offered any positive assessment to the fledgling spiritual questions asked by her children.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 19, 2004
Prone to killing off the fruits of good karma by performing bad actions, hence, mean or evil to others. Compare with kargasm, karspasm, and karplastic.
He was deemed karmacidal because of his evil actions to take advantage of others for his own benefit.
by Gregory V. Richardson April 09, 2004
This is the breaking up of the body, usually by decay after death, but could include that which occurs during extreme trauma (e.g. vehicle crashes or suicide bombing).
The airplane crashed into the ground with a graveyard of corpolysis. See corpolytic.
by Gregory V. Richardson March 24, 2004
Of or related to a wife. Variation of wifel.
She chose to be an at home mother whose wifal duties including transporting children to various social activities.
by Gregory V. Richardson February 07, 2004

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