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n: A role taken on by the man in a 'just friends' male/female relationship. An emotional tampon is a man who will always be there to provide a woman with the proverbial 'shoulder to cry on' or some other outlet for her to otherwise vent her emotional frustration, problems, and mental unbalance. Ultimately, he becomes the only person for whom this behavior is reserved as nobody else will tolerate it but him.

This Herculean effort is too often never rewarded in any substantial or tangible way (at least not in a way that the man would typically hope for, which is a good skronking session, or at least a BJ), and is typically the only contact between the two parties.
The late comic Sam Kinison (1953-1992) coined the phrase "Emotional Tampon" in his first HBO comedy special "Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules" in 1987, with this line:

"So you just want to be friends, huh? Yeah, I think I know what that means. I become some kind of 'emotional tampon' you need three or four days out of the month... when no one else will take your f__king bullsh__..."
by Gregory Pius February 18, 2004
Any song sung at a Karaoke show that's so depressing it makes the crowd want to slash their @#&*%$! wrists, especially if it follows a fast, happy, crowd-pumping song. A wrist-slasher has the potential to suck all the momentum and happiness out of an otherwise hopping, jovial, drink-buying Karaoke crowd, and usually sends half of the patrons out the door.
Joe just sang "Late in the Evening" by Paul Simon, and now Marc is singing "Whiskey Lullabye!?" Who the Hell wants to hear that wrist-slasher!? C'mon, let's pay our tab and let's go!
by Gregory Pius June 03, 2011

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