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A thing on Cartoon Network that is not as good as it used to be.They are putting on a bunch of live action crap.They still have good shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force,Bleach, Robot Chicken,and Shin Chan.A show that I get tired of is Inuyasha and Futurama.
someone:When will futurama be over.Adult swim is getting ridiculous
#adult swim #futurama #robot chicken #bleach #crap
by Gregory Hollenbeck June 14, 2007
a girl that will try to get you into partying and will try to make you join the army of bros.Brohos can be nice but they can be the most annoying girls on the planet.
Broho:you want to party with us?

Someone that actually has a life:you're talking to the wrong person about partying.

Broho:C'mon, please?????
#bro #broho #loser #partyier #nuisance
by Gregory Hollenbeck June 13, 2007
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