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British: ref to gay/anal sex without use of lubricants. More commonly used to mean being got the better of in an extreme sense.
Alternatively to mean a desire to have sex with someone you don't actually like.
Paul was totally dry bummed at pool yesterday.
I know you hate her, but I bet you'd dry bum her if you got the chance.
by Greggy March 04, 2005
goosebumps you get when someone you love has done or is doing somthing that makes you feel amazing
when you kiss me i get loosebumps all over
by greggy May 07, 2005
1)The "flim wad" was the original currency of the european community.

2)Flim Wad = A wankshaft of a plastic vicar who likes watching arse candles with his bum-eyes. The fucknut!

3) a total loser.
1) THe inflatable lady cost 30 flimwads.

2) He sat there rubbing himself like a total flimwad.
by Greggy March 04, 2005
A thing in your life that sends an almopst elctrical current of happiness through your body..comes in few forms but the action and effects are all the same..Also something which you find srangely attractive after little contact
Wow!! You seem as attractive as a giant uber Electromagnet!!
by Greggy January 27, 2005
A word generally used to describe women, or fun or generally good things which males may want to persue.
C'mon guys, let's get some Poontang!
by Greggy January 29, 2005

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