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The part of the Internet that contains pornographic websites and chatrooms that discuss x-rated topics. Could also be used to describe one's activities while surfing.
"Dude, I had some Skinternet time last night and came across a free download of that Paris Hilton video"

"Jim is tired today because he was up late into the night doing Skinternet with some chick, who was probably another guy"

by Gregg Gillming June 02, 2005
noun. Describing someone who is of lesser stature or who diplays a form of weakness. Dialect originates from Lauderdale lakes, WI.
One turtle is having coitis with another female turtle. Another turtle ambles up and knocks down the male turtle and starts having coitis with the female. As the losing turtle walks away, he can be described as a choad.
by Gregg Gillming February 26, 2005
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