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A chick who masterbates a lot.
Chelsea made a doctor's appointment to get on the pill. That's 2 months from now, and then she has to be on BC for a month for it to be fully kicked in. Until then, she'll just continue being a dildomuffin.
by Gregg Brady December 01, 2006
The way a straight man or lesbian gets when they see (or touch or suck on) a beautiful pair of titties!
I got so titelated when I met Pamela Anderson. Later that night, I did the Etch-A-Sketch with her, and then we pretended she was breastfeeding her newborn (me), and then she rode my pole, and then I finished off with the "Flying Fuck" maneuver!
by Gregg Brady July 25, 2006
A person, usually but not always a female, who sees herself as being much fatter or skinnier than she really is, even when she looks in the mirror.
What gave Bertha the idea she could come on to me? Does she have funhouse eyes or what?
by Gregg Brady December 01, 2006
Someonewho acts like a real dick after he's consumed a few brews (such as Busch beer).
PETER: Hey Bobby, let's bring Michael to the bar with us tonight!

BOBBY: No way, man, he's a total dick busch brutha.

PETER: Yeah, it'll be hilarious! I mean, if he gets in trouble, we don't have to PHYSICALLY intervene, we'll just slip into the background and call 911.

by Gregg Brady July 25, 2006
Mike Tyson is an ear eater! He eats REAL elephant ears for breakfast!
When Mike Tyson fought Holyfield, he proved to be NR8R!
by Gregg Brady July 25, 2006

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