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Generally some loser who's name starts with or is Scott. Spends most of their time troubleshooting AOL connections (WHO KNOWS WHY?!?) This type of person's main goal in life is to find their sexual orientation!
Man, that guy is definatly KBA!
by Gregg March 27, 2004
n. adj."sup" sup

1.short for "what's up."

2.Describes a very laid back cool individual.

1.So cool that the person seems sleepy.
2.Abnormally sick.
3.Stealthy, sly.
"Look at that 'sup' guy hitting on that large breasted super model."
by Gregg February 28, 2005
To lay down like a bitch in order to give someone else something of value and then to deny what you've done while everyone knows the real truth
Because I wanted my friend to score the basket, I completely favre'd right at his feet.
by Gregg March 31, 2005
Brown shit stains on a pair of briefs, or a person who is discovered with(or suspected of having) said marks.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
when one side of a joint burns more than the other side.
pass me the lighter the joints quanning!
by gregg April 16, 2005
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