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Someone who does nothing but browse craigslist all day.
Since Anna got done with her semester she has become a craigslist bum, she just sits and browses the free stuff on craigslist all day.
by gregthekeg January 04, 2009
The act of using the iPhone 4's FaceTime video phone call application to make sexual or pornographic phone calls.
Bob: Check out this naked pic Haven sent me!
John: You're still sexting? That is so 2009! Get with program and start using SexTime! Check out this video of Leila from last night!
by GregTheKeg June 07, 2010
When you purchases an outrageous number of songs on iTunes one after the other when you original intention was to only purchase one song.
"I spent $68 on my last iTunes binge when all I wanted was the new Kills song."
by GregTheKeg October 14, 2008
The highest level of dumbfucks; those who are capable of nothing but pure idiocy.
That dumbfuck galore tried to rob the store right across the street from the police department.
by GregTheKeg February 18, 2009
A republican or conservative who supports gay rights.
Bob, the Richard Riordan Republican, always votes for the GOP unless they don't support gay rights.
by gregthekeg February 21, 2010

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