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A friendly method by which teenage girls express their interest in socializing with male counterparts; involves placing the male penis inside the female's pie hole, and then bobbing up and down with a sucking motion. This "handshake" is decidedly not sex, nor sexual in content or motivation, as defined and testified to by former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Also, the means by which married, middle-aged men show their appreciation to junior, entry-level, female subordinates for outstanding "service".
"You may now perform another Clinton handshake under my desk, while I make a phone call, if you promise not to tell the First Lady."
by Greg54 November 15, 2005
The intentional advance planning undertaken by an engaged female to schedule her upcoming wedding ceremony to correspond with her monthly menstrual cycle, in an effort to indoctrinate the groom, as early as possible, as to who will be running the show, nookiewise.
"We went to Cancun right after our wedding, and I only got one hand job during our honeymoon - period."
by Greg54 November 14, 2005
Term similar to "Extreme Makeover"; used to narrowly describe one who psychotically undergoes multiple plastic surgery mutilations, as well as skin bleaching via Clorox submersions, over a lengthy period of time, in order to transform oneself from a handsome young Black man into an ugly old White woman. Includes proboscis removal. Usually leads to sexual infatuations with young boys while role-playing the part of "your Grandma".
"Did Joan Rivers used to be Buckwheat, before her Extreme Jacksonover?"
by Greg54 November 14, 2005
A redundant modification of the word definitely, used by inarticulant athletes (oops, redundantcy alert) during television interviews to describe their agreement with a premise or event that is beyond definite, as if definite meant probably. Most probably used to convince viewers of their almost definite plan to finish the last 3 1/2 years of their college education, after scoring millions of bucks as a stud.
"We most definitely lost the game, since we only scored 10 points, and they hung 38 on us" (because sometimes, you win even though out-scored?).
by Greg54 November 15, 2005

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