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2 definitions by Greg Walden

A moment of disappointment that occurs when you have a high expectation of accomplishment and experience a sudden let down.
What a bumdinger! I was supposed to get a promotion and now only have a 3 percent raise.
by Greg Walden November 30, 2005
A word that has been misspelled and accepted by our culture as an alternative to the word "owned". Sometime in the early 1990's, the United States education system started to fanatically increase it's liberal agenda and concentrated on political correctness doctrine therefore ignoring the basic fundamentals of education like reading, writing, and arithmatic.

As a result of this increase in child liberalization, standards of english decreased and such we now have a culture that can't spell let alone find out their head from their arse. Thus, when a map developer misspelled "owned" as "pwned", alot of uneducated liberal kids thought it was the correct spelling and thus we have this new term.
I have pwned a car before but it got repossessed.
by Greg Walden January 01, 2006