1 definition by Greg Satin (p.s. yes satan, "watch the finger republican! wwaaaatch it! 1-2-3 thats the middle finger! Yes you CAN count to three")

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1. someone with their head twisted so far up their own fucking ass that they can't see an economic crisis when they see it
2. someone with their head so far up GODS ass that they dont realize that killing is killing whether or not its a grown person or a cluster of cells smaller than the ball at the head of a pin
3. someone without the self-respect to be a democrat, or far too unintelligent to figure out that being republican is the shits of the universe, and that they are the shit of the universe for existing
1. Most Republicans can't see past the cash far enough to benefit the common man.
2. Wow, those Republicans sure can't seem to figure out whether they're being idiotic on their stance of abortion, or whether they're being dip shits about their stance on execution, because any rational bug on the face of the planet can see that they cant' have it both ways.
3. Huh, that Republican is soooooooooooo Republican.
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