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A feeling of inadequacy over one's own website or blog because one doesen't feel it measures up to current "cool" web standards.

Antonym: web pride or web proud
John: "So, do you have a website?"

Mary: "Oh, yeah, but don't check it out. It needs work."

John: "Oh, Mary -- do you have web shame?"
by Greg ONeill June 14, 2007
What Manhattan has become since the Giuliani era... Little more than corporate outposts, a Starbuck's on every corner, and a place of employment for all those who commute from the other four boroughs.
In Mallhattan, we have a K-Mart just off the subway in the East Village; a Home Depot in Chelsea; an IKEA threatening to wipe out Red Hook in Brooklyn; and a Barnes & Noble or Borders replacing every cool bookstore you ever visited.
by Greg ONeill December 07, 2006
A summer phenomenon popular in New York City's outer boroughs (Brookyln, Queens, and the Bronx especially)wherein neighbors hang out on stoops or fire escapes, putting a buzz on and talking with neighbors.
John: "You going into the city tonite?"

Jeff: "Nah, I think I'm just gonna hang in the 'hood, see who's around and get stoopid."
by Greg ONeill September 04, 2008
A hard-on produced or facilitated by Viagra, or any other such prescription drug for "erectile dysfunction." Viagr-ons are different from naturally-occurring erections in that they are more easily attained and don't require the same amount of genuine sexual stimulation. Also, they tend to last longer and throb more intensely.
I wasn't really into (her/him), but I had a total Viagr-on, so I figured, "What the Hell?"

by Greg ONeill December 07, 2006
The feeling of satisfaction and/or superiority one experiences when s/he thinks his/her website is up to date and cool enough to compete with the best.

Antonym: Web shame.
John has to show everyone he meets his website. He's web proud.
by Greg ONeill June 14, 2007
A person making a debut into web celebrity status -- the latest hot cewebrity.
My friend Jon's new blog get so many hits it crashes the server. He's just entering cewebrity status. He's a webutant.
by Greg ONeill April 04, 2007

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