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A company started in 1990 in San Luis Obispo, California originally named "Juice Club". Since then, Jamba Juice has expanded to over 600 stores nationally with 1 international location. Stores are both Corporate and Franchised, as well as located in Safeway, Inc. stores.
Jamba Juice sells a wide variety of delicious, all-natural fruit smoothies that come with a free boost (powdered, highly effective nutirional boost) and has something to offer everyone. Products range from low fat to low carb and low sugar to high protien and high carb. No sugars, Colors, Artificial Flavorings or Preservatives are added to any drinks or products that they offer.
lets go to Jamba Juice and get a meal supplement instead of having deep fried fast-food! I want a Strawberry Whirl!
by Greg Lees April 26, 2007

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