6 definitions by Greg H

1. Blow Job - sucking one's dick
2. Blow - Cocain
3. Blow up - destroy with an explosion
4. Blow - to exert air from one's mouth
5. to Blow one's load - to ejaculate
by Greg H March 17, 2003
nice boobies
Damn that girl is boobalicious!
by Greg H April 07, 2003
Derogatory term derived from the similarly derogatory fuckwad and buckwheat.
Yo, fuckwheat! Move your damn Honda!
by Greg H June 21, 2005
When you are doing a girl doggy style on a rug or carpet and you grab her hands so that her face falls into the carpet.
I gave stephanie the carpet cleaner yesterday. She got pissed and stormed out.
by Greg H March 17, 2003
to hit on a girl; A male flirt
I'm gonna go mack on that chick over there.
by Greg H March 17, 2003
Wanting to be fucked.
Boy, Gina over there sure is buxom today!
by Greg H July 28, 2005

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