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Telling a false story to someone in hopes of tricking or deceiving them.
"Hey listen to Bill speeving over there."

"I told Tanisha she looked hot today, but I was only speeving her."
#lying #deceiving #tricking #speev #speeved
by Greg Eckman October 30, 2005
To be lied to, tricked, or decieved.
"I was sold a gold chain, but it ended up being fake, I was speeved."

"My brother told me the phone call was for me, but it wasn't. he totally speeved me."

"I borrowed money from Katisha and told her i would pay her back, but i won't. I speeved her.
#lie #trick #decieve #speev #speeving
by Greg Eckman October 30, 2005
To lie, trick or decieve.
"Theres no way that can be true, dont speev me!"

"There goes Bill speeving again."

"This guy sold me a used car, it turned out to be a lemon, he really speeved me."
#lie to #trick #decieve #speeving #speeved
by Greg Eckman October 23, 2005
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