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Not a small town at all. It has a population of just under 200,000. But the other entries about it being a shit-hole are right.
by Greg Denmark December 26, 2010
Consists of Sweden and Norway and also a very insignificant, xenophobic country called Denmark to the south. Sweden and Norway are extremely beautiful countries. In contrast, little bigoted Denmark is flat and featureless. The farmers have cut down all the trees and hedgerows in order to grow grass. Swedish and Norwegian people are relatively intelligent due to the the high quality of the school system. The racist Danes, on the other hand, are educationally subnormal. Also, Denmark is probably more German anyway. It is a tiny, frozen land locked to its better southern neighbour. Sweden and Norway are actually further north, in the real Scandinavia. This might explain why people in Denmark have a huge inferiority complex compared to the better Scandinavian countries. It might also suggest why Denmark is so racist. But anyway, Scandinavia is nice, apart from Denmark.
by Greg Denmark December 28, 2010
Citizens of the small, bigoted European country, Denmark. Denmarkians or Danes as they are sometimes mistakenly called, are racists that like poking fun at other cultures, especially cultures in the middle-east or Africa.
by Greg Denmark December 26, 2010
Denmark is a small country located to the north of Germany and south of Sweden and Norway. It is a small-minded little country, populated by xenophobic bigots called Denmarkians. These people have the worst teaching standards in Europe, extremely high levels of medical malpractice and are considered the worst environmental thugs in Europe due to the overuse of fosil fuels.

The Denmarkians paint their houses yellow to signify that cowardice is a chief Denmarkian trait. Most Denmarkians fly the Denmarkian flag outside of their homes in order to make non-Denmarkians feel like they do not belong in the country.

Shops in Denmark are open for about 3 hours a day and rarely accept anything but cash or gold. The greedy Denmarkians do not trust banks, probably because most banks in Denmark went bust during the economic crisis.

Denmark is a poor, depressed country and visitors to it usually leave at the first opportunity.
by Greg Denmark December 26, 2010

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