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A junior is a "gay" person who loves rainbows and has a boyfriend mainly or most likely named Bryan. Something Along The Lines from A-Z But Most likely Named Bryan ...

some times a junior is also known as a Barrington
Junior is also the 3rd year of high school
or the second generation of a family
like if the father was named Jim and if the son is give the same name he is junior
Did you see that junior with that kid bryan....?
P1: That junior is wathing rainbows with that kid bryan.Do you think their gay?
P2: Yes .....Yes.... I think they're EXTREAMELY Gay....!

A1:"The Father And Son Both Have The Same Name"
B1: "Yea, the Son Is Junior"

YES!!!! this is My Junior Year Of High School AKA Hell Hole
by Greg Carlson October 04, 2006
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