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x refers to HARD. Xcore=Hardcore
man. thats so Xcore!
by greeny October 28, 2004
Realm Rank 11 Cleric on Dark Age of Camelot, Albion Morgan le Fey. This is his job.
Hi my name is Roamin and I am a Realm Rank 11 Cleric, wanna fuck?
by Greeny November 21, 2004
indie, short for independent. not necessarily associated with music, also used in accordance to indie movies. i.e. independent movies
indie-music: the streets
indie-movie: in america
by greeny November 13, 2004
The giant brown furry love rod of Chubaka from Star Wars
"Sit on my Wookiee Rod you dirty Wookiee slut bag, raaaaaaah"
by Greeny October 05, 2004
to be a Suck up or arse licker
u my friend are a ubmsuck
by greeny May 30, 2004
the indian version of hollywood films, except with singing.
and i think its spelled bollywood
by greeny September 08, 2004
When a bald dude still thinks he's hot by growing one side of his hair longer and then combing it over his bald spot
eew, look at that ugly dude, hes got a comb-over and everything
by greeny December 23, 2003

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