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4 definitions by Greeneyedjunkie

Someone a little bit special...needs, but with a horn.
Ralph: "Look at me, I'm a unitard"

by Greeneyedjunkie February 16, 2007
35 18
The word 'Warshaw' started When a 'David Warshaw' auditioned on a show called 'So You think you Can Dance' in 2006.

During his audition he attempted a flip and landed flat on his face (A face plant). It was also showed in slow motion and was absolutly HILARIOUS.

The word 'Warshaw' is now used to describe someone falling on their face.
*Boy trips and lands on face*
Later that day a friend explains to another friend what happened by saying "He run up the curb and pulled a total WARSHAW, was crease up!"
by Greeneyedjunkie February 02, 2007
18 7
A description of a man's hair style that resembles a'70's news reporters' hair-do.
"look at that bloody walnut whip there, what a dick"
by Greeneyedjunkie January 31, 2007
13 9
To Suck ones Boot. Generally used as an insult.
Originally composed by a young Southampton boy, Now used throughout England.
Dave: "Suck My BOOT!"
Jo: "Hahahahahahahahahahaha"
by Greeneyedjunkie February 16, 2007
5 6