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To be a long standing champion of being in the state of paro.

A play on the classic ninties cartoon 'Power Rangers', a Paro Ranger may have special skills (eg. cock blocking) that are relevant to the state of paro. A group of Paro Rangers will want a large array of special skills to increase their chances of paro survival. Paro Rangers will also most likely dress up to get in the state of paro, or whilst in the state of paro.

Paro Rangers will regularly get paro as a lifestyle choice, and the name is a familiar term used with endearment.
Let's go, Paro Ranger!

Get a gary scoot on Paro Rangers!

We go out every friday, get smashed, PARO RANGERS!
by Green_Ranger April 19, 2008
(1) Put it in front of another word to mean 'very'


(2) To put emphasis in a sentence to show that you mean it
(1) That's gary massive!
(2)a. Come the gary on!
(2)b. I gary love you bru
by Green_Ranger April 19, 2008

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