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The last remix of the PARANOiAs made by "aTYPE-300" (NAOKI). Possibly the hardest PARANOiA ever made. It runs at 300 BPM and it slows down to 100 BPM. The oni (challenge) stepchart consists of A LOT of turns and some double-stepping, all of witch it must be done at 300 BPM. The slow-down is also hard because the player must step on arrows at 32th beats, making it hard to read. It also contains a section of 12th notes in witch the player must also do turns and crossovers.
I don't know witch turns and crossovers are more annoying, PARANOIA SURVIVOR MAX's or PARANOiA Hades?
#paranoia #hades #dance #revolution #naoki #supernova2
by GreenWarrior February 28, 2008
One of the songs featuring in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2. Its a tricky song that has speed-ups, speed-downs, and stops that are unpredictable, kinda like CHAOS.
OMG!, Pluto's stops are more annoying than CHAOS lol.
#pluto #dance #revolution #supernova #2 #ddr
by GreenWarrior February 28, 2008
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