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2 definitions by GreenM

An action that, when completed, will resemble the fillers used in family guy
Zack to cat: did you have a good day? yeah? you had a good day? that's good, what are you doing now? walking? oh, now you're staring at me? oh? you staring at me? that's cool. now what are you doing, walking again? where are you walking? down the hall? oh that's cool. yup. uh huh. this is a family guy filler, isn't it? yup. family guy filler.
by GreenM February 09, 2009
When you hear something that
A) turns you good mood bad, such as the mentioning of an ex, or
B) turns your bad mood good, such as the mentioning of an upcoming event.
Joe totally had a face flip when you mentioned Jen tday at the water cooler.
by GreenM February 09, 2009