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Argentinian slang for "motel", a place where you rent a room for a short period of time (could be hours) to fuck with someone or more people.
Some rooms have jacuzzis, scotish showers, sex-related items such as modified chairs and stuff, everything depends on the price.

Also called "hotel alojamiento" or "albergue transitorio".
Spanish version:
- ¿Vamos al telo? Asi estamos más tranquilos...
- Dale :)

English version:
- Should we go to a motel? So we're more comfortable...
- Okay :)
by GrEeNDaY August 09, 2007
What people catergorize as "The good Green Day days" when in reality they're more talking about Dookie than any other album. People shouldn't use the term "Old Green Day" because it can be split up into three groups. "1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy House and Kerplunk!" is group one then "Dookie, Insomniac and Nimrod" is group two (The most common use for the term) and "Warning and Shenanigans" for group three.
Adam: I like Old Green Day, Dookie was the best album.
Jenny: Dookie isn't old Green Day, Kerplunk! is.
by GreenDay January 04, 2007
In Argentina, a very big "puto" (fag).
You can also call somebody "putazo" in a friendly way (well, if you know him very well).
Offensive way:
Spanish version:
- ¿Qué opinás de Pablito?
- ¿Pablito? Terrible putazo...

English version:
- What do you think of Pablito?
- Pablito you say? He's a humongous fag...

Friendly way:
Spanish version:
- ¡¿Cómo andás chabón?!
- ¡Genial! ¿Y vos, putazo?

English version:
- How're ya doing doooood?!
- Great! And you, faggot?
by GrEeNDaY August 09, 2007
Someone who tries to be someone their not, automatically thinks they are a certain label because they dress a certain way or do something. Mostly bothers people of a punk,emo or goth label but annoys a lot of other people too. Can sometimes be spelt as "Poseur" which is french.
Did you hear? Calvin denied he was a poser. But he does not have the "skater" state of mind. The only skateboarder he knows is Tony Hawk. Calvin can't even skateboard!
by GreenDay January 04, 2007
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