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A sport that was formed in 1948. NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. There are tracks across the country of the United States. The two main types of tracks are Circle tracks and Road courses (there aren't just circle tracks, you know). The season starts off with the Daytona 500, as the biggest race in NASCAR. NASCAR has three main leagues: The Sprint Cup Series (which is the more famous), the Nationwide Series, and the Camping World series, where the drivers race trucks instead of cars. In the Sprint Cup Series, there are 43 drivers per race over a given number of laps based on how many miles the race is (Daytona 500 means 500 miles).
Did you see the NASCAR race last Sunday? I didn't get to see who won; I hope it was Dale Jr.
by GreenBaron88 April 18, 2009

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