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something that i pretend to understand to make me look smart but im pretty sure iv got one here...
one the way to school one day i saw a van which had 'hedge protection specialists' on the side crashed into a hedge. Irony?
by Green Day formed in 1988 September 02, 2006
correction: green day have actually been around since 1988
Billie Joe armstrong in 1988: 'Hey lets form a Band called Sweet Children
Mike Dirnt: 'Ok, lets get that guy from 'the Lookouts' to play drums + soon after change our name to Green Day after a day when u just smoke weed.'
Billie Joe: 'k'
M.D.: 'Fine, sorted'
B.J.: 'And we can appeal to real music fans until 2004 when we will write a few pointless songs about hating america, most of which lead back to me being an atheist'
M.D.: What?
by Green Day formed in 1988 August 23, 2006
AKA hhp, a party involving a group of sixth form students, who have nothing better to do than on occassion go around a group member's house + eat junk food and drink beer aswell as playing on Pro Evolution Soccer and Mario games...

This often involves the so called hobbits; Potter, tinki, robbin' phones, Popinho + occassionally mike.
Hobbit 1: hey lets have an HHP coz my parents are away
Person: A hobbit house party? Wikid
Hobbit 1: You just sed 'wikid', go home loser
Person: At least im not a 'Hobbit'
Hobbit 1: Ok, it's 'go time'... (calls all other hobbits)
Hobbit 2: Whos disrespectin' the Hobbit name? Time for a good ol' fashioned Hobbit ass woopin'
Hobbit 3: Nah lets just go eat
Hobbit 1 + 2: Ok
by Green Day formed in 1988 August 31, 2006
hobbit house party with more people, beer, and less playstation
a house party doesnt compare to a hobbit house party
by Green Day formed in 1988 September 01, 2006

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