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1) A teeny bopper who claims to be Green Day fans solely due to the release of the album American Idiot. Play them any album track from an earlier Green Day album, even Dookie, and they will say "thats not Green Day"

2) Kids who are fed up of being called idiots for liking Green Day solely due to American Idiot, who say "but I was only 3 when Dookie came out"
1) Green Day Fan: Hey do you like Green Day?
American Idiot: Yeah I really like Boulevard of broken dreams
GRF: Here's a REAL Green Day song *puts on Welcome to Paradise*
AI: What the hell is that? It sounds like good music, but I'm used to the modern shit Green Day *head explodes*

2) American Idiot: "Don't slag me off for only liking American Idiot, I was only 2 when Dookie came out"
Green Day Fan: "But they have had other albums since then, and besides I was only 4 when Dookie came out, but when I was 16 I went out and bought it because it is highly rated. So don't give me that I'm too young bullshit"
by Green Day Fan #1987 May 31, 2006

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