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Lead singer and guitarist for the band Green Day. V. distinctive vocals "I sound like an englishman impersonating and american impersonating and englishman" Currently 33 and married to Adrinne. Performed the song "She" in the buff at a charity event. Very chirasmatic frontman. Unfortunatly most people did not no he existed before American Idiot for they have other albums that are just as good, if not better.
Billie Joe Armstrong is a great frontman.
by Green Day Fan February 23, 2005
The best fucking radio station in Los Angeles.
Indie 103 1 plays Alternative Rock and is the most popularist Rock Station In the whole USA.
by Green Day Fan February 28, 2005
Best Indie Band Ever. The ones who bash them are the posers who listen to that emo crap.
fuck yeah so shut up you emo pussies
by Green Day Fan February 28, 2005

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