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When you have a crush on someone but there is one or more reasons why you can't date them, don't think it is worth trying to date them or not worth trying to get them to like you back. Usually occurs when you like someone you can't have.

In which case, most people would say, "I would like him/her if _____."
Jon: "So you hooking up with anyone?"
James: "Well, Emily is hot and I would hook up with her if she didn't have a boyfriend already."
Jon: "Sounds like you have a conditional crush."
by GreekFreak757 February 09, 2011
On Female's shirts: a pocket on a shirt that is directly on a girl's chest. A combination of the words "tit" and "pocket." Usually found on V-neck shirts (For style).

On Male's shirts: a pocket on a guy's shirt. A combination of the words "t-shirt" and "pocket." Usually found on collared shirts (For holding pens/pencils).
Boy: *Staring at girl's chest.*
Girl: "My eyes are up here."
Boy: "I swear, I was just looking at your tocket!"

Person 1: "Hey, can I borrow a pen?"
Person 2: "Totally. I got one in my tocket."
by Greekfreak757 August 21, 2011

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