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1 definition by Greekbeast

The capital of Greece. Athens is located in the periphery of Attica. It is then divided into East Attica, West Attica, Piraeus, and Athens. The capital itself today has approximately 5 million people. This is amazing due to the fact that all of Greece has a total population of 12.5 million - and half of them are located in the capital. Up front, Athens looks good, but is really bad on the inside. Aside from it's rich history that dates back to 2,000 B.C., most of it is dangerous. To start off, let's talk about the "good" areas: Eastern Attica, Piraeus, and the northern boundaries. These are the areas least affected from violence and crime. The northern boundaries, or heights, have the lowest crime rate. This is due to where all the rich white Greek people live. Aside from there the rest of Athens in general is bad. The worst areas: Omonoia, Syntagma, downtown Athens, and Exarchia are all the areas polluted by crime. Athens, as a matter of fact, comes #1 in crime rate in all of Europe. We Greeks take alot of pride in that. Central (downtown) Athens and Omonoia are run by the mafia and drug dealers. (*see below.) Crack is to New York as heroin is to Athens. Another fun fact is that Omonoia is 75% foreign populated (Bulgarians, Pakistanians, Russians, Albanians, Czecks, Swedes, etc.) The remaining 25% Greeks in the area are: old residents and Mafia figures. Aside from that, I warn all new comers to my hometown: if you're a tourist, don't stay long, and if your looking for a "job", you've come to the right place. Have fun!
*My uncle used to own a mini-market in downtown Athens. He was robbed over 7 times and the store was burned down by molotovs during a riot by hooligans in 2007. (This is no joke).

My friend back in 2005 was driving home from work in Omonoia and at a stoplight was dragged out of his car beaten, and had his car stolen.

Western Attica 8====> northern slutties!

Ellada gia panta! Athina sagapo!
by Greekbeast November 19, 2008