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A sorority founded in 1872 that has extremely high standards of class for members. Because of this, Alpha Phis are usually beautiful, smart, sweet, and never are the girls falling over drunk at parties. These girls have high ideals for themselves and others.

Most Alpha Phi chapters are near (if not THE) top house at their respective colleges and often have the biggest pledge class of any other sororities.

In addition, Alpha Phis are typically loud, fun, and outgoing and therefore are active participants in the greek system as well as their philantropic events. They have a ton of spirit and are usually an exciting and fun house, especially for parties (they just won't be the ones puking in the bathroom all night).
Alpha Phi is top house on our campus, and all the girls are super fun and outgoing. They also win Greek Week, and almost all other awards.
by Greek12213 July 26, 2010
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