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To deeply slit the throat of an opponent and pull their tongue through the wound.
"...then I run my knife the rest of the way across his neck, I reach in and give him a nice little mexican necktie."
by Grebo Guru September 05, 2006
Not quite diarrhoea, not quite poo -- and it stings on the way out.

The end result of a big night out that included drinking several pints of lager and ingesting a dodgy (but spicy) kebab or a hot curry dinner.
How does Sheryl Crow expect me to wipe using a single sheet of toilet paper? Has she never heard of a hot slurry?
by Grebo Guru March 02, 2008
Describes a type of plug most-typically used to connect MIDI interfaces. The DIN stands for 'Deutsches Institut für Normung' (German Industry for Standards).

The plug has a round metal shield with a notch inside the bottom (to assist proper alignment) along with an array of five equally spaced pins in an arc towards the top (all inside the round shield ring).
The standard five pin DIN MIDI cable has served many a musician connecting simple MIDI controllers to entire racks of gear. They are inexpensive, reliable (most anyway), and easily obtainable.
by Grebo Guru September 23, 2006
Anagram of the Three Muskateer's mantra: 'All for one, (and) one for all.'
"All for one, and one for all!" -- afoofa
by Grebo Guru September 05, 2006
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