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A Shitty Homosexual Retard With A Mental Deficiency, He Loves To Play Guitar To Attract Girls, He Always Wants That He Must Be The Center Of Attraction, When He Goes To School, He Always Acts Obnoxious, Trolling Somebody Without Any Reason But When It Comes To Education, NEVER Compare Animals To Him Because Animals Are Way More Intelligent Than Jayvee. Jayvee Always Acts Like A Total Faggot Because He Treats Everyone As A ''Best Friend'' And Some Are ''Slaves'' But Apparently Jayvee Is The Slave Because Jayvee Claims Himself As A ''Leader''(But It's The Opposite Of That) But He Fails At Being A Leader, He Doesn't Do His Work, Instead, He Makes Others To Do His Work. Yup, That's Right, Jayvee Is Just A Piece Of Garbage That Must Be Obliterated In The Name Of Justice.
Guy 1: Hey You Know That Guy Over There...?
Guy 2:Who, Jayvee?
Guy 1:Yeah, I Don't Like His Attitude
Guy 2:Me Too, He Claims Himself As A ''Leader'' But More Like A Bastard.
Guy 1:You Got That Right.
by Greatezt December 07, 2012

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