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The theoretical percentage of people in the world that are complete idiots, most of which make people believe they are not stupid by merely repeating smart things they've heard elsewhere (TV, radio, etc.). Everyone has moments that are completely idiotic. This in, and of itself, do not define a person as a 98. However, when a person will repeatedly make the same error, 98-hood is assured. There is a hierarchy of ignorance associated with this theoretical statistic, that goes something like this:

90%-Stupid people who have had little to no education, from any source#
5%-Stupid people who have completed a government minimum standard education, to no avail
3%-Stupid people who have completed more than the minimum standard education, still, to no avail
0.5%-Inherently Smart people who have had little to no education, from any source
1.25%-Inherently Smart people who have had a government minimum standard education*
0.25%-Inherently Smart people who have completed more than the minimum standard education*

In the corporate world, 98's are sometimes able to thrive, though they may be 'removed' from several jobs before learning how to fool most of the people around them into believing that they are contributing. Wealth is not an indicator of being in the 2 percent. Some 98's can fool nearly anyone into believing that they are so good at something, that they can amass a hugh fortune. Conversely, there are homeless and destitute people who are genius-level or higher, but due to mental illness or personality disorders, will, regrettably die undiscovered. Education level is not an indicator either, Albert Einstein was a high school drop out, while Steven Hawking acheived a PhD, both of which would never be considered a 98. While Dr. Phil on the other hand... is undecided.

*I can't speak for other the eductation system in other countries, but the American education system and requirements are a tragic joke. Leaving most students behind and graduating illiterate students. Exactly zero students leave high-school prepared for anything other than McJobs. Many 98's would have ended up in the 2 percent, if not for the poor education system this country has.

#Keep in mind that this number includes people that have never seen an automobile.
"I had a 98 moment." "He's such a 98."
by Greatest Dog February 01, 2008

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