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The skin disease that frat boys and sorostitutes can contract from sexual contact while blacked out drunk. The disease looks like the skin disease scabies, but is purple and probably the most gnarly STD known to man. Its effects are: cock blocking yourself, looking like a dick, liver spots, HIV, high blood pressure, and premature ejaculation.

The only way to avoid Sclaybies is to simply stop fucking muffintops.

There really is no cure for Sclaybies, but some doctors say that fucking hot ass sluts will make break outs less painful. Otherwise, your fucked for life.
Bro 1:"Dude Spence, did you get with that slam piece from Kappa last night?"
Bro 2:"Nah man, I hooked up with that Meghan girl from AGD.. I was so blacked out!"
Bro 1:"BRO! That bitch got sclaybies from that one D-chi last week! You got that shit now nigga!"
Bro 2:"Fuck.. I better start fucking some hot puss..."
by Great_White_Ape08 April 26, 2010
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