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To get completely intoxicated to the point where you believe you are a real life character from Star Wars. The name coming from the awesome game Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel.
Lad #1:"Josh sure is drinking a lot tonight"
Lad #2:"I know I think he's totally battlefronted"
Josh:"Wahoo! I'm Jedi Master Pooperscooper and I'll smite you down Darth Lampost"
by Greasy Boots December 29, 2011
An alcoholic beverage consisting of Budweiser and Lilt, made in the former's bottle.
You must drink down to the emblem on the bottle, then fill up the space with Lilt, put the bottle cap back on, and shake twice, to give the tropical beer taste of a Garfunk.
Ideally served with pizza.
by Greasy Boots December 29, 2011
A small stupid person who is used as a friendship group's punching bag. He also thinks he's better than all of the others, so constantly believes he'll do better working on the night of a great celebration than going out with the lads, however he'll always get a DUDE. And his girlfriend resembles a guy you once knew, but don't know where from.
1) Be a Rupert Pooper and let us push in a shopping trolley down a hill.
2) Lad #1: "Come out with us for New Years Eve!!"
Lad #2: "No thank you, I will be trying to improve my 2 Ds, 1 E and a U. By staying awake until 4am and playing Black Ops"
Lad #1: "You are a massive faggot, Rupert Pooper"
3) "Doesn't your girlfriend look a little like Malcolm"
by Greasy Boots December 29, 2011
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