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Oblivious gaze, smirk, or smile.
To appear oblivious
Relaxed in a dangerous environment
We in da club and it's been started dudes is droppin like flies and you are hugged up wit your girl all kind face.

Why are you sittin all kind face.
by Gray_sleaz April 28, 2006
The Logic from which only the fuzzy can understand. Not for the kind face; Deeply thought out facts on light issues not discussed in simple english.

Not usually found in normal everyday conversations.
"the clouds are meloncholy sky electric blue, Mama earth is tossin an cryin because of you, Raining CATs and Jackals, No shakles desinigrate to residue, silly mortals haven't a clue..."
- Andre 3000

" the sense is not how he sounds, but in the words, meanings, and emotions behind his fuzzy logic. "
by Gray_sleaz April 28, 2006
Unlimited amount of fictional filth, rubbish, or fuzzy logic
"I don't know what to believe form this guys froth filled stories"
by Gray_sleaz April 28, 2006

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