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1.Greek Mythology. The first woman, bestowed upon humankind as a punishment for Prometheus's theft of fire. Entrusted with a box containing all the ills that could plague people, she opened it out of curiosity and thereby released all the evils of human life.
2.The satellite of Saturn that is fourth in distance from the planet.
3.Lamest TFC server out there, even the admins have turned wacko.
I'm bored, let's go spam and teamkill on the pandora servers.
by Grayfox April 06, 2003
A man feared, respected, made fun of, owned, been owned by, and well known among the AIrBoRnE Global Gaming Community.
nubkakes49: " H!psh0t is a noob. He hax, I swear "
H!pSh0t: " laul "
by GrayFox May 01, 2005
A word originally crated when someone made a typo. Such as 'Hooag!' for 'Hooah!'

Hippie's word.
" Yo, look at my leet skillz homie! "
" laul "
" noob "
by GrayFox May 01, 2005
Forumspamming heavy metal fan with a trendy hairstyle.
Let's paint voodoo's hair pink.
by Grayfox April 06, 2003

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