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4 definitions by GravyPlaya

stands for Fatty Fatty Dumbass.. A fat person that is also too dumb for human life. Says stupid things like "Aren't we all smaller than barn doors?"
She is such a FFD.
Did you speak to FFD today?
by GravyPlaya January 05, 2005
When someone does something that's just ridiculous. Also when something dumb happens. The act of doing something dumb.
She fell on her ass dumly.
by GravyPlaya January 05, 2005
What is the prize given to recognize stupid people for doing stupid shit. As defined by www.dildoawards.com.
"He was stupid for doing that.. He deserves a dildo award."
by Gravyplaya August 07, 2007
Originated by Kanye West. He wears a Phat Gold chain with a realistic Jesus medallion that hangs from the chain. A Jesus piece is a piece of jewelery that represents Jesus.
"I stay fitted from the Polo fleece to the Jesus piece."
by GravyPlaya January 05, 2005