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A person with an attention span less than one second due to chronic masturbation, video gaming and schnauzer banging as a youth. People with this condition can't even commit to taking a shit when they are already on the toilet. The only way to grab their attention is to talk about fakies, jeeps, weed or seven different kinds of smoke.
Brah, my boss's attention deficit douchebag disorder (ADDB) is off the charts. He was spanking his monkey the other day and he forgot what he was doing!
by Granuppie January 13, 2010
Blowing off work on a Friday and the last day of the month when your boss is out, just to completely fuck off all day; usually resulting in losing your job.
Brah, I'm taking a mega-wasserday. I ordered some gay porn last night and I still have 6 hours left on my rental and some anal lube left. wasserday
by Granuppie July 31, 2009

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