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When a girl positions herself in the "frog squat" position and the guy gives her anal sex. The motion creates the effect that the frog is hopping along as the thrusts from the man move her up and down.
Forget doggie style, go frogie style!
by Grant Norris (GNJ) August 11, 2006
Two or more males make a bet on how many donuts they can place and hold (for a certain pre-determined amount of time) on their penises. Whoever is victorious must give the donuts a new glazing by cumming all over them. After the donuts are "glazed", the losers of the competition must eat the donuts that belonged to the winner. This contest is a test of length and endurance.
"Yo dude, last night I was able to win my first ever Donut Meating Contest"
by Grant Norris (GNJ) August 01, 2006
One must either brew, or mix, his tea in the girl's vagina. This is the most primitive form of teabagging in its most literal form. Once the tea of choice has been properly made, enjoy the rewards and have a sip of the Dirty Englishman.
At tea time I gave me girl a dirty englishman, she mixed it up real well. Next time I'm going to need a Filthy Crumpet
by Grant Norris (GNJ) August 01, 2006
When a male dips his penis in a fondue pot of chocolate (or any other melted food of choice) and the girl has the pleasure of eating it off. This phallical delicacy is one of the finest in the world.
He did a fondick for me! It was delicious!
by Grant Norris (GNJ) August 11, 2006
A record of many times one can ejaculate in one day (24 Hours).
I broke my old erecord by three whole times!!!
by Grant Norris (GNJ) August 12, 2006
One man or woman must eat out a combination, or mix, of semen and shaven pubic hair of a partner's/friend's rectum or anus. If completed the receiver of this anal delicacy must pay up a some of money in return, hence the name, Million Dollar Mix.
Person A shaves off both his pubes and Person B's pubes. Both ingredients of shavings must be placed into a cup or container. Then each partner, if both males, must jakk each other off (in case of only one male his female partner must jakk him off) and place or 'catch' the semen from both persons into the container holding the pubic hair. The mixture of pubes and semen must then be mixed around by either tongues,erected penises, or both. Once completed the Person, may it be A or B, who wants to taste this rare mix must poor it down/all over the rectum/anus and then eat the concoction out. Then, whoever ate the Million Dollar Mix will recieve an amount of money that was betted before the 'mixing' began.
by Grant Norris (GNJ) July 31, 2006
Pulling back the foreskin. In comparison to a banana have four skins, or foreskin.
I thought it would hurt, but banana peeling feels pretty good
by Grant Norris (GNJ) August 12, 2006

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