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3 definitions by Grant Fromage

Someone who steals, strips and burns your knackered car for the insurance.
That old shed of his failed the MOT, so he got the Swansea Mechanic to take it up Kilvey (Hill).
by Grant Fromage February 07, 2007
After the TV series. UK prison slang for mentally ill inmates.
After he trashed his peter, the screws put him in with the fraggles.
by Grant Fromage February 07, 2007
Generic Blonde Female. i.e. fit for purpose, but copies her looks from a magazine, and is devoid of any distinguishing features like a personality. Nothing to write home about. The opposite of "exotic", or "striking".
Nothing doing in the place. Just GBFs that left me hankering for some crazed goth bunny-boiler ...anything INTERESTING.
by Grant Fromage February 07, 2007