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The underside of an object; opposite from the top
We cannot see the bottom of that pit.
by Grant March 05, 2005
Acronym for Pissy Womanazing Asshole, Name given to guys who manage to be all three of these things simultaneously.
God, he is such a PWA! He says he loves the girl, gets a BJ from her, and then dumps her. And on top of that he complains about the relationship afterwards!
by Grant May 09, 2003
An E-1 in the Marine Corps
"Grunts like reading about dead officers"
"OK, how about a General"
by Grant July 18, 2003
A township in Delaware County Pennsylvania. There is also a Darby Borough in Delaware county too. Running near thoses two towns is Darby creek. There is also a Darby road in the township of Haverford.
I don't remember if Bob lives in Darby township or Darby borough. Or does he live on Darby road? I think I killed some brain cells swimming in Darby creek.
by Grant June 12, 2004
Boo stands for Booty. Men have changed the meaning so their "woman" would not be offended by having the name booty. Women do not enjoy being labeled as property and men are much smarter than people think
MAN: Hey Boo!
Woman: Awww... you are so sweet
Man: I know.
by Grant March 31, 2005
To fuck someone. Sexual intercourse
Do you scrape in the shower, son?
by grant January 08, 2004
A skateboarding team in Marshalltown, Iowa.
The Fasha are rad at skate boarding
by Grant December 13, 2003
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