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A dildo that straps on to your chin
What the hell is that?!

It's a chin dong, dummy!
by Grant November 17, 2003
A township in Delaware county ("DELCO") Pennsylvania. Haverford is part of the "Main line" in the Philadelphia subburbs. Main roads include Darby Road, West Chester Pike (PA Route 3), Township line (US Route 1)(borders Upper Darby Township), Haverford road, Eagle road, Ardmore Ave, Manoa road, and Earlington ave. I-476 runs briefly into haverford but the West Chester Pike exit is just over the township's border in Marple Township. There is no way to get onto I-476 from with in Haverford township. Haverford is also home to the Grange estate and Haverford College. Haverford has several creeks including Naylor's run, Darby creek, and Cobbs Creek.
Haverford township is a nice quiet place to live. Did you know Haverford college is off of Haverford Road?
by Grant July 06, 2004
An enormously fun game in which you find the largest possible object in a room and proceed to jam it as far up your ass and you can get it.
I played shaftypops all night and my asshole is burning.

Amy played shaftypops and used a 12in candle.
by Grant October 14, 2004
To smack a chicken with your wang. A custom found in many Asian nations.
Wing Chan just plocked another one!
by Grant October 01, 2003
a sudden upward jerk on the underpants, stinging like crazy at the crotch
A bully likes to give wedgies.
by Grant March 05, 2005
Hello, but in a preppy sort of way
Airhead prep: Omigosh Hi!
Me: Uhh, you're annoying (gets up and walks away)
by Grant July 17, 2003
A borough in eastern Delaware County ("Delco"). It separated form Upper Darby Township in 1893. It has its own fire company and police station. Main roads include Marshall road (borders Upper Darby), Lansdowne ave, and Baltimore pike.
The borough of lansdowne is bordered by Upper darby, Clifton Heights, Aldan (just a little),and Yeadon
by Grant June 12, 2004
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