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50 definitions by Grant

A word that can be used in any situation, good or bad. One of the adaptable words known to man.
1. Dag yo, I heard theres a massive gangbang goin on in here.

2. Dag yo! (good)

3. Dag yo... (bad)

4. Dag yo, thats fucked up. (bad)

5. Dag yo, Im hungry!
by Grant January 27, 2004
108 44
1 The buttocks or backside of the human body; a nicer word than butt
2 The lower back; below the back and above the hamstrings
Look at his bare bottom!
by Grant March 05, 2005
121 67
Taking a shit.
I'll be making a deposit at the international bank of poo later this evening.
by Grant March 10, 2004
68 26
Land of one lane bridges, Potholed Roads Going up 800 foot mountains at a 75 degree angle, Amish people, Mountains, awesome scenery, Union love, Confederate hate, and one of the largest cities in the country, Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania is awesome to visit, but it sux to actually live there
by Grant July 17, 2003
115 75
A Penis
Woman, you best cram my third leg down yo throat!

My third leg is toned and ready to be massaged
by Grant July 17, 2003
87 48
that last little bit of poo that you can't wipe off!!
I wiped and couldn't get rid of those ass gremlins! i tried water but they just multiplied!!
by Grant June 18, 2006
38 7
A woman with a really nice rack.
Man, those are some Tig Bitties!
by Grant April 09, 2004
61 33