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A fairly new diet which is spreading like wild fire though hollywood homes to everyday people.
The diet plan requires the subject to eat one slice of ham every 30 hours to lower calories fast and effectively.
A typical 30 hour ham diet plan would look something like this:
Monday 7am: One slice of ham - 15 calories
Tuesday 1pm: One slice of ham - 15 calories
Wednesday 7pm: One slice of ham - 15 calories
Of course an infinate ammount of water is allowed on this diet. This diet plan is greatly complimented by the intake of Mephedrone nasally.
Cindy: Wow, this 30 hour ham diet is working wonders for my figure!
Jenny: I can see, you look fantastic, I've got to give it a try!
Cindy: Definately, I've dropped 4 dress sizes in a week, MIRACLE!
by Grandmaster Picks November 04, 2009
Basically means "Fuck's Sake"
Used to show distaste or the undesire to do something
1: You wanna go to the shops?
2: Lowe it can't be fucked

1: (drops ot coffees down himself) LOWE IT!!!!!!
by Grandmaster Picks November 24, 2008

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