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A typical Shoreditch (in east London, UK) twit.

One of them trendies that'd strap a meercat to their head if they were told it was cool by Vice magazine or Noel Fielding or the like... though noel fielding has lost his touch a bit

Not everyone in Shoreditch is a Shoredouche... but a fair chunk of em are

can be used in an amiable teasing manner of course... its just a shame 'douche' is such a twattish word...
"fuck a duck! check out the Shoredouche over there, he has a small rodent tied to each ear and he's riding a bike fit for a toddler. Would you look at that; his knees are so high up he's at risk of causing himself a concussion"
by Grandma Polly August 27, 2008
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