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cricken crooked and broken
The dinosaur's neck was cricken after the fight with the other dinosaur.(This word was coined by my grandson after watching a documentary on dinosaurs)
by Grandma G August 11, 2007
Gnawed or nibbled upon. Usually the item gnarbled is covered in saliva.
The dog had gnarbled on it's bone all day. (This word was coined by my grandson who was describing the state of the dog's bone that was slimy with saliva)
by Grandma G August 15, 2007
The frothy saliva that comes from a dog's mouth. It usually can be transferred to other objects such as upholstered items that you want to keep clean.(We had four kids and several dogs including one that chewed up bricks. My kids made up the word snarf and everyone understood the meaning)
After chewing on a piece of a brick all day, the dog came into the house and snarfed the sofa.

There is dog snarf all over the patio.
by Grandma G August 15, 2007
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