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3 definitions by GrandRap Godfather

When someone wears a hat to rid themselves of bed head because they didn't have time to take a shower.
Person 1: Dude i was running so late today i only had time to take a hat shower. Can you tell?

Person 2: Well you kinda smell but you look oh so fine. No homo
by GrandRap Godfather July 15, 2008
Hard labor that any american has to do ( Often upon request of a superior) that makes one question their Nationality/ Origins/ Citizenship.
I was totally doing Illegal Trabaja all day for my boss!!! He made me cut the lawn in front of the office!!! and i am a sales rep.!!!! Am i even American anymore!!!
by GrandRap Godfather July 14, 2008
When you are looking in a mirror and you fall into an almost hypnotic trance while looking at yourself. You usually need a friend or a very strong will to get un-booty stuck.
Matt: Thom!!! Thom!!! Thom!!! Snap out of it Thom!!!

Thom: Whaaa What!!! Where am I!!! What just happened!!

Matt: It's alright, your safe now!! You were booty stuck but i saved you.
by GrandRap Godfather July 15, 2008