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To pretend your absolutely wasted, more than any one else, and attract as much attention to yourself even if you have only had a couple of beers.
Ah man, last night he was rutledged.
by Graham1993 November 18, 2009
To get wasted and then to be sick for the rest of the night. Also, in between your acts of sickness, you wildly claim to the nearest person that you will never do this again. You will also reveal all your fantasies about the girl that you fancy. This act of being woodied usually happens to people who are lightweight when taking alcohol.
"Dude, you were so woodied last night"
by Graham1993 December 01, 2009
Someone who is socially inept at talking to girls and gets very embarrassed when they start talking to him. In general a 'miggins' or 'miggs' is socially inadequate in life.
That guy in the corner is such a Miggins.

Why would you ever want to get with a Miggins?
by Graham1993 February 05, 2010

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