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A lover.
A fuck buddy, the only association between a male and a female.

Two persons exchaning bodily fluids and nothng esle
Tom- Hey Bill, are you going on dates with that broad?

Bill- Fuck no! We are partners in slime. Nothing more, nothing less
by Graham Wallace April 05, 2008
Prounounced ANALyst

A special in all fields Anal. Anal Sex Rimming etc!!
Tom:- Did you do anything good with that bitch you bedded last night?

Paul:- HELL Yeah. I was muffing her out and she gave me such quality rimjob. Man She is an Analyst!!
by Graham Wallace March 25, 2008
Like Blunt Force Trauma except this is where the pubic region of a female receives a lot of trauma after a serious rogering.
Dude 1- She was walking away from my bed this morning like she had been on the Rodeo for a week nonstop!

Dude 2-You mean you gave her a serious case of CFT to go

Dude 1- Yeah, Cunt Force Trauma!!!!
by Graham Wallace July 19, 2008
A fight or altercation after drinking up time in Pubs and Clubs around the UK and Ireland. These usually take place in, or around Fish and Chip shops/Fast food joints. Everyone coming from Pubs and Clubs are usually drunk and think they are invincible and are hungry for food and an altercation.
Tom- What the fuck happened you? What's with the 2 black eyes and stitches in the face?

Jim- I went to get something to eat in the Fish and Chip shop about 2am and a crowd of us got involved in 'Fishticuffs' with a few big dudes.
by Graham Wallace April 19, 2008
After going down on a bitch for ages with stubble it irritates her skin around the fanny. Rash by Moustache
Hey wanna fuck again Angel?

"Ehh, no way,Stacherash is killin me"
by Graham Wallace August 05, 2007
A Towrope is a Tampon or other fanny pad with string attached!
Dave:Hey, did you score with that bitch?
Jon: Fuck no man, dirty bitch! I put my hand down her knickers and she had a towrope hanging! Fuck that!
by Graham Wallace October 08, 2007

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